Art of Presentations or How does your business presence represent you?

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to attend a local organization’s anniversary and recognition event by sitting at the table of  a national organization’s local branch.   A number of  interesting & fun activities were available, the food & music were great and I made a number of contacts. I wondered how I had been selected and had the opportunity to ask the host at our table.  The short answer is, she said “Your brochure was on my desk”.  Her response grabbed my attention and made my think about how important a business’s visual presence is for success.

Art of Presentations designs and develops a number of engaging media options for small businesses and organizations, including:

  • PRESENTATIONS — A signature mix of art, design, technology and your message that invoke positive emotions and actions through the delivery of slide presentations used in a movie format
  • WEBSITES — Today, most small businesses need an online presence as much as they need a phone or mailbox. (See an actual presentation. Click on Art of Presentations box on the top, right-side margin)
  • PRINT MATERIALS — Attention grabbing flyers, Save-the-Date cards, invitations and so on.
I am energized by assisting others develop an optimal presence for their business and/or organization.
Thanks for letting me share. To learn more click here.

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