Yes I have been “Missing In Action” (MIA), ok mostly in action.

      I had a couple of issues, I mean life opportunities to negotiate.  I do not think I am the only one to have an event occur in one area of my life that affects a number of other areas in my life. Well I had a couple of those events happen back-to-back.

I hesitate to mention this but I initially dealt with these events by: withdrawing, crying & sleeping a lot.  Not using my own more optimistic advise of being patient, using affirmations, thinking positive thoughts, and so on, that I recommend to my readers.  Nope to get out of the bed  I had to a few serious talks with a few people who mean a lot to me.  Their care & comments got me back on track or back on my less traveled road. Sometimes it is whatever works.

Needless to say I had to do some re-organizing.  Re-organizing meaning: a number of inner & outer changes were made, some things and people that I thought were important were not as I perceived and let go.

Work also has restorative properties.  The following are a few of the projects that have kept me in check.

Art of Presentations my new business incarnation is officially up and running. I will spill the beans soon enough but for now please click & watch the Art of Presentations presentation on the right-side margin.

I have had the honor to do a number of projects for the Links, but the flyer below is the only one I feel free to speak about now.

I have  developed the Madison’s 2011 Black Expo with website, check it out at  http://madisonblackexpo.wordpress.com/ and I designed Black Expo presentation used as a vital part of the media kit.

I have also had the pleasure of completing a flyer for the “Artful Women of Color” event presented by the Wisconsin Women of Color Network  and work on a website for the event is in progress.

One thought on “M I A”

  1. Know that every one of God’s creatures will experience challenge at one time or another. Your reward is coming through the hurricane to bask in the warmth of the sun! If you can say that I have survived and the challenge is behind me, you are blessed. And believe me, you are blessed. But I am here for you whenever you need…

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