Enjoying the process or lost in Cleaveland

I am home and boy do I have “vacation head”.  You know your body is home but your head and your heart are still on vacation.  Driving around Madison does not look familiar and I keep having to tell myself that I live here.  However it was great to sleep in my own bed again. I did not realize how much I missed it until I got home.

Do you realize that most of our time is spent on the process, or being on the path to, or striving to achieve a goal, rather than the amount of time spent on a peak moments of actualization.  So I am trying to enjoy process more than the end result.  Enjoying the process was even one of the goals of this trip.

Ok, I bet you see where this is going.  You ask for something and life will provide you with tests to see if you really mean it. So during my drive to and from Charlotte I encountered many of my personal obstacles, such as my fear of heights (I learned you can not break down when the bridge is just a few blocks ahead and you can not turn around), I can’t see in the dark well (ok I promise I will get new glasses), construction –all the way through Illinois except miraculously not at the toll booths, rain for three states (need I say more), traffic jams (I have little patience for this) and getting lost (yep I missed a turn in Akron and ended up in Cleveland).  I conquered each obstacle with self encouragement, by not letting my fears conquer me and lots of prayer. Driving to and from Charlotte has opened my eyes to some of my personal strengths and provided me with keys that can be used in other areas of my life.

More next week.  Todays photos are from my trip.  Enjoy the 4th and I will see you Tuesday.




A few times when driving through the mountains I would look over the edge into a valley and I would be filled with fear of the heights and awed by the beauty.


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