Doon’s June

It’s June and I am going on what some would call a vacation but I am going to call a personal quest.  A few months back I took time to determine what I wanted to do with my life work and I am happy with the results I decided upon.

When I started on this entrepreneur path, I did not know or understand the importance of the many aspects of owning your own business, such as planning, marketing, research, social media, etc.  Recently, I have been working on marketing and advertising materials for the creative aspects of my business that I plan to keep.

Why now?  Because July is the one year anniversary for Doon Art (and just like I celebrate my birthday for a month there will be celebrations in July …. get ready).

On a more personal note I am ready to change my lifestyle.  I am certainly ready to move, but to where?  Stay in Madison?  Go somewhere with warmer winters?  Will my work be received as well somewhere else?  So to this end I have packed most of my business and artwork and I have taken my act on the road.  (Today’s post is Road Post 1 from my first stop.)

I say all of this to let you know that the DOON ART blog for June will not be on a regular schedule and the July is going to be a blast.

Stay tuned and Enjoy

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