Follow your bliss

Is your life anything like you imagined it would be when you were in your 20’s?  If I had stuck to that plan I would have recently accepted a the top award in the Psychology field for my grondbreaking treatment methodologies and the last of our four children would have just graduated and left home.  Now would be our time to start traveling.

July will be the one year anniversary for Doon Art and for me trekking on this less traveled road.  I am now at a cross-roads.  In a few days I will be visiting my sisters in Charlotte, NC.  I am keeping all of my options open, including making Charlotte my new home.  I will be taking most of my business and much of my art with me.  I plan to make sales, new contacts, to have ear acupuncture, learn a new healing technique or two, look for neighborhood I would like to live in and I am considering a new tattoo.

The decision making constant through out my life has been to go for the path that I think will make me the happiest? Not the wealthiest, or the most recognized, nor the one with the most comprehensive plan.  Whenever I have a life altering decision to make the bottom line is what can I do to bring the most joy into my life? Now? Will I feel the same in 5 years? and so on.

I will let you know how it is going?

What do you do?  Share your methods with me.

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