The charm of tea

I confess, I have a new love …. tea.  Yes, I use to just love the ritual of tea but now I actually love tea.  Let me qualify that I enjoy natural tea, not the popular over the counter type of tea.  Working for UMOJA magazine I would often interview people at Starbuck’s or Panerra’s as well as I often went there to write my articles and I always had tea, since it was the least expensive item on the menu.  Now I can not imagine an afternoon with out tea, how did this happen.

Black tea with whole milk (whatever) with a couple of shakes cinnamon is my current choice.  My feeble attempt to create chai tea.

Now that I have this new addiction I mean love, I am pretty sure I need to buys things. Tea cups, tea pots, tea holders, and things that I don’t even know I need yet.

I have only taken one tea related photo which I proudly share with you, the original and my edited version below.  We are not including the Tea Time photo with the grandchildren.  I am sure there will be much more to come.



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