Water water everywhere

Thank you John for reminding me and requesting the promised  follow-up Water article.

Three days without water.  We know we need water without it we would not exist.    So many words in our language are stimulated by water: outpouring, flowing, bubbling, well up, swell, drain, in hot water, cold shower and so on.

Understanding the deeper meaning of water is to place ourselves into a place of spiritual connection to our source and the mainstay of our reality.  Current studies have indicated that water  also influences the emotions, the imagination, and our creativity.

Water Symbolism

Baptism, holy water, and other ritual uses of water are a central component of religions and spiritual beliefs. Water is the great purifier. We wash away our sins, we cleanse our wounds, and our tears bring release. “In the beginning, the earth was nothing but water,” and in the Bible’s book of Genesis, you’ll find “The earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the Spirit of God was moving over the face of the waters.”

In Tarot, the traditional Suit of Cups is the suit of water. Water shows us the images, or imprint, of things. Emotions, feelings, and psychic knowledge are all represented by water in the Tarot tradition. Water flows and changes, and it carries away what it cleanses.

Understanding the deeper meaning of water is to place ourselves into a place of spiritual connection to our source

Aspects of Water

Our daily intake of water should be at or a little above the recommended requirements level.  We should bathe often to rinse toxins off our physical and spiritual selves and submit our prayers over large bodies of water to be amplified.  The following list of aspects indicates what areas water can awaken or accomplish.

  • Water is the element of emotion, intuition and of personal discovery.
  • Water will suddenly shower us with an outburst of cleansing emotions or the replenishing power of self-nurturance.
  • Water can leave us feeling bloated and dependent.
  • Water is the element of emotional release.
  • Water provides us with an internal barometer, a temperature guage, and a measuring cup.
  • When dieting be sure to drink plenty of water to wash out toxins, as suggested and proven by the Atkins diet.
  • Water is the element of unconditional love, of positive self regard, and of pure emotional understanding.
  • Water rocks us to sleep with a lyrical lullaby.
  • It sounds the alarm insistently when we succumb to slumbering for too long.
  • Water helps us flush toxins and excess ketones out of the body.
  • Fat cannot be metabolized without adequate water, remember to increase your water if you are trying to loose weight or tone up
  • You can avoid constipation
  • Helps hydrate you for extended exercise.
  • Improves your skin appearance.
  • Drink the water at the temperature of your choice.
  • Drink plenty of water after a healing session, such as reiki or massage to flush the toxins out of your system.
  • Prayers said over water increases their potency.

 It’s awesome and humbling that water carries so many entrained messages, especially when we consider that there has been the same water, and the same amount of water, on the earth for millions of years.

One thought on “Water water everywhere”

  1. The Lingam here is called Appu Lingam owing to a natural spring present in the sanctum there by revealing the aspect of water signifying the place as a Panchabootha Sthalam representing Water. The Lord is also worshipped as Appu Lingam and the temple is also addressed as the Appu Sthalam Water temple . Adi Sankara is said to have converted the fierce aspect of Her through presenting two earrings called the Thandakams The sacred waters of the temple belong to the Brahma Theertham apart from the other temple tanks like Jambu theertham Rama Theertham Sri Math Theertham Agni Theertham Agasthiya Theertham Soma Theertham Soorya Theertham etc.

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