I art my self

I am considering making some major changes in my life and I think my recent art work reflects my inner questions.  I am fascinated by the eye, hand art connection.  I could probably deny it’s expression but I do not think my art would be as interesting. I think the range to be from rough, natural &  very basic (I call the second photo “The Beast”)  to ornate, extravagant  & wishful.

At least it felt good making it and letting those emotions go.  Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “I art my self”

  1. Donna, I’m not sure if the first pic is a scream or a scary opportunity, but must say I like both of the “rough” photos. Also the last one as I’m a huge fan of carousels!

    Love you! I know you’re going through a lot and you’re a very private person, so you may not be availing yourself of all the support you could have!

    1. The first picture does remind me of the picture called “The Scream”. If I would like to say that the photos are in the order of my emotional flow. It got better. Thanks for your comments as always they are appreciated. Donna

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