Charlotte here I come

I have finally made up my mind…. I am leaving for Charlotte, NC in June and I plan to stay for awhile.  As my sister says I don’t have a “job job” which she quickly clarified by saying that I can work almost any where.  So that is what I am going to do pack up a large portion of my business, a few clothes and take it on the road.  I really need to see, be in the company of and receive love and solace that only my family can provide (and perhaps we will even get to spend a day or two at the beach.)

Leslie, I will be passing your way maybe you will let me spend a day or two with you also, my love.

In the mean time I am updating my marketing materials.  See below the first is the Doon Art thank you card, next is the post card and the last is my the first page of my advertising kit.  Thanks for listening.

2 thoughts on “Charlotte here I come”

  1. Like ships in the night! I’m rolling into Madison the last week of June and staying for 2 weeks! Oh, well, another time. Your trip actually sounds like a good idea; the nurturing is important. Just leave me a list of where to go…you talked of some interesting shops, including the upstairs clothing resale? I’ll go to Hatch Gallery, of course…where is the store with all the great items featured in your Lights work? Have a wonderful time!

  2. My door is always open and my home is your home. I would love to see my favorite cousin. Let me know what you plan. Love you.

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