Weekend artworks

After the snow and rain that we have been having it was finally a nice weather weekend.  I enjoyed having some down time and spending time with my family.  We went to the zoo this weekend (yes there will be photos).  I love seeing the world anew, through the eyes of my grandchildren.  What a blessing.

Weekends are my time to create new art works.  Being creative truly soothes my soul and keeps me sane and this weekend was no different.  Earlier this week I went to Ella’s Deli here in Madison, for lunch.  I could not take all of the photos that I wanted to since I was with other people.  I excused my self, saying I had to go to the bath room when I really was just going to take photos. Ella’s is a diner with toys and ephemera every where.  Obviously I will have to go back by myself and then I will feature it as a location.

Today’s photos are: a lighter version of my little bird (yep seems like I can work that bird into just about anything), photos from Ella’s and my ideas on a graphics design for “Peace”, which I am not sure if I am done with.  Enjoy

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