Do not wait until the week they are due to do your taxes

What a week I just had.  If I had to name it after a movie I would call it “The Good, Bad & Ugly”.  You know it has some uplifting, inspiring moments but for the most part it is just long, the characters trials never seem to end and you are not sure how it is going to end (the first time you see it).  The Good consisted of my “home staging” job (Staging homes for people getting ready to move was something I wanted to be a major stream of income but has proved to be only a fun occasional business) and spending part of Wednesday afternoon with my grandchildren, on a very warm, summer like day. Also, I took the photographs of trees in bloom on Wednesday.  The Bad was having car problems and trying to get my income tax filed and the Ugly was me crying over trying to get my income tax done (I finally got an extension).

If you never learn anything else from this blog, know this: DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE WEEK THEY ARE DUE TO PREPARE  YOUR TAXES.

Over the weekend I allowed myself time to be creative, which calms my mind and my soul.  Enjoy

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