Life should not be too serious

I had found my self working long hours, for a few weeks in a row with little financial or emotional success.  I was exhausted  and  needed to take time to review and revise my goals more than I realized.  However I am also very glad to be back.

I have decided to keep doing the things that I love. I have learned to recognize and appreciate the people that support my efforts (thank you) and most importantly not to take somethings to seriously.

I love doing my blog and want to keep it fun. To make my life more manageable I will still blog five-days a week, but I will not pressure my self to stick to a pre-planned format.  I will still offer the usuals: art (mine and other peoples), location observations and photos and personal updates. I will still provide inspirational articles, but probably only 2 or 3 times a months instead of every week to be alternated with my random acts of kindness series (summarized for the week) and my Do You Want to Be Inspired links.

Todays photos start with a picture I had created awhile ago and then show my digital edits to create new fresh artworks.  Enjoy

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