Inspiration is everywhere OR what I did over the weekend

UPDATES: Last week I distributed all of the toiletries that I had collected for the single moms at the YWCA.  It was an incredible experience to see the smiles, hear the thank you’s and receive so many hugs.  One mom was so excited to receive bubble bath, lotion and a candle, among other things.  She told me how she was going to enjoy a nice relaxing bath after her child went to bed that night.  (Oh yeah, you know I cried but I waited until I got to the car).  Count your blessings readers.

Friday’s post was about receiving financial blessings.  Well this weekend they just kept coming. On Saturday I found money just laying on the ground and I received a very unexpected store gift certificate in the mail. These events reinforce, for me, the benefits of having a positive attitude.

Sunday I was very inspired by my pastor’s words, which became the inspiration for this weekends art.  Enjoy

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