Be careful what you ask for OR my thoughts are becoming things

Friday’s is ordinarily my day for an inspirational post. I do not have an article for today but  I hope you find what has been happening to me to be inspiring. I too have been using the techniques that I have been writing about, such as release, affirmations, visualization, prosperity techniques and so on. Recently the blessings have been pouring in.

For example, I have received a number of financial opportunities.  Perhaps even more than we I can handle at one time. Let me explain, I have learned that when you work for yourself you often are presented with a number of opportunities that look good but that do not all work out, for any number of reasons.  So I began saying “Yes” to most things assuming that not all of them are going to work out.  But now most of them are working out.  I can not go into specifics yet but as soon as I can I will share more with you.  However, I am tired.

Top Lessons Learned Using Self Improvement / Prosperity Techniques

  • Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it.
  • Be specific and think very large so you are not working on a lot of little projects.
  • Remember to show gratitude for everything.
  • MOST IMPORTANT LESSON Keep your life in balance.  Make time for fun, family, friends, love, and polishing your nails.
  • It’s ok to say NO

You know I will keep you informed with how things are going.  Have a great weekend, as I try to add some balance to mine.


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