Music & Art

I have a lot of other projects going on so today’s post will be very short.  I have been feeling so loved recently and that translates into the music that I play when I am creating art and so on.  Most of my music is on my phone. You know the phone that often has it’s own mind so…

here are my top 5 songs.

  1. Ribbon in the Sky — Stevie Wonder
  2. Spend My Life With You — Eric Benet
  3. On the Ocean — K’Jon
  4. Quando Quando Quando — Michael Buble
  5. Where Would I Be — Kindred the Family Soul

and here are my smart ass phone’s top songs.

  1. Hot in Here — Nelly
  2. Unpredictable — Jamie Foxx
  3. Do it Well  — Jennifer Lopez
  4. Why You Wanna — TI
  5. Time Will Reveal — De Barge




One thought on “Music & Art”

  1. I like your top 5 choices, but I am more intrigued by your smart-ass phone’s selection. LOL…gotta love today’s technology!

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