Random Acts of Kindness Summary & What’s next?

Top Lessons Learned From Committing Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Next month, I will commit my acts in the morning as I almost got caught a couple of times and that would have defeated the purpose.  Although  I would love to see the look on a gift receiver’s face the main point is to remain anonymous.
  2. Next month, I will go to a different place each time, as I thought of more new places to commit my acts.
  3. I can not believe how good this makes me feel to do something like this.  If I were in a bad mood this would make it better.  Overall it really makes me feel like I can make a difference (albeit a small one) in someone’s life.
  4. “In difficult times, stories of heroic endeavor always hearten us. But sometimes what motivates us are the everyday acts, things so simple that we can easily contribute. Everyone, after all, has the power to give kindness”.  From the Inspiration Lounge blog.

I hope I have inspired you to commit an act of kindness also.

Photo above is from Friday’s act.



As you may remember, I asked my friends to provide me with toiletries instead of gifts, this year.  I plan to take these products to the single moms at our YWCA.  I extended my requests to friends and one of the organizations that I belong to.  I was overwhelmed by the response of my friends and very happy by the amount of product I received.  Although I will not be giving anonymously I will still enjoy the experience as I will be able to see the looks on the recipients faces.

My friends have supplied me with shampoos, conditioners, body lotions, body wash, soaps, toothbrushes, mouth wash and more as the  following photos show.





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