How to Have a Positive Attitude Towards Money or You Can Still Become a Millionaire

If you conducted a study on millionaires and their attitudes towards money you would find that most of them have a friendly attitudes towards money.

Many of us are taught as children to dislike money and on the other hand most of us are work very hard to obtain it. Most people are insecure about their capacity to earn money.  Your distrust of money and on the other hand your hard work toward obtaining more work at cross purposes to each other Resulting a canceling out of each belief meaning your do not get ahead. The good news is there is nothing wrong with money or wanting money.

Why should you develop a positive attitude towards money? Since the thoughts you hold in your mind follow the principal that you attract what you appreciate and repel what you do not value, it follows that money responds accordingly.

5 Facts To Help You Clarify Your Thinking About Money

  • Money is divine and an expression of God’s good.
  • Your ability to earn money increases the more your thoughts become positive about money. “Being poor is a frame of mind. Being broke is a temporary situation,” stated the film producer Mike Todd.
  • There is nothing wrong with money or in wanting money.
  • Money reacts to your attitudes about it, because you attract that what you think about.  If your thoughts are favorable then your money will increase and multiple.
  • Learn to accept or receive any gifts or money graciously.  Welcome money from any source, if it is given freely and without obligation.

5 Things Not to Say or Do

  • Do not say “It’s only money”.
  • Do not say “It’s not about the money.
  • Do not say “Oh no, you shouldn’t have.”
  • Do not say anything about anyone else’s finances that you would not want to happen to you. In other words do not mention your successes and other people lack or difficulties.
  • Do not brag about your financial troubles, as this can magnify your problems. Many people do this seeking sympathy or attention.  It is best to remain silent about your financial situation. The less said the better.

4 Techniques To Use To Increase Your Money

  • Observe your thoughts when you are handling your money. Think of it as being directly attached to an invisible source that is gives or withholds according to your thoughts.
  • Make a mental picture of a definite amount and hold it in your mind as if it were visible.  Next command the universe to give it to you. Affirm, “GIVE ME THIS”. Repeat this many times a day until it manifests.
  • Repeat the following words over your wallet, checkbook, debit card, or other means of financial supply. “MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, MANIFEST YOURSELF HERE AND NOW IN RICH ABUNDANCE, WITH QUICKNESS AND EASE”.
  • Do not limit your thinking.  Ask for “large sums of money” or “large financial surprises” or “rich gifts” and so on.

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