Thank you Jesse Jackson or How I spent my birthday

Friday was my birthday and I had planned to celebrate with a group of my girlfriends.  A number of these friends are teachers or work for the city.  They called me that afternoon to tell me that they were protesting –our new governor who apparently has lost his mind — and asked me if would like to come down and join them.  I immediately said yes. I have always wanted to protest a worthy cause, be part of history making event and then to have the chance to see Jesse Jackson was the icing on the cake.  He has long been someone whom I admire and yes I know he is not perfect.

When I arrived, they informed that one of my friends had a contact and that she would get me as close to Jesse as she possibly could.  I won’t give you every step, but needless to say we were able to into the inner circle.  I was able to shake his hand, thank him for coming and he even wished me a “Happy Birthday”.   However by the time this happened all of our phones were dead. (I know there is a very important lesson to be learned here)  I did ask a professional to take a picture. Keep your fingers crossed that he comes through.

I have posted a few articles about the importance being positive, saying what you want, believing in your self, etc..  Here is one of the cases where I used these skills. 1. It never occurred to me that I would not get close. 2. I imagined what I would say & do when I did see him.

Thank you Carla, Dawn, Sue and especially Pat.


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