My first Doon Art vending event

Last Friday, I as Doon Art attended my first vending event at the African American Black Business Association (AABBA) networking meeting. I had such a good time, sometimes I can not believe that I am really working.  I had a variety of products & price ranges, including: original collages, framed art, prints, post cards, Wisdom Answers and even my scrabble “I love you” letters as a unique Valentine gift idea (see photo below). I had the ability to accept credit cards on my smart phone. Customers actually sign on the phone and a receipt is automatically sent. I love technology. I had candy (my sister’s idea). I had business cards, my inventory list, change and I even printed little price list signs (which I put out after the photos were taken).  I thought I was so ready.

So what did I forget.  I did not have a sign with the name of my business on it. LOL.  I will not make that mistake again.  ….. and yes I had a number of sales.    Enjoy

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