Self-employed Lessons Learned

I have been incredibly busy recently with a number of new projects, which is a good thing. However as a relatively new working-for-myself person I am still learning how to plan my time, set priorities & determine what is really important (meaning what will I do & not do for money). The following are my notes to self:

1. Prepare blog posts in advance, when I already have a  number of appointments for that week.

2. Always carry a snack, this is so important.  When you work for yourself you never know what opportunities a day will bring. Twice I have left the house with no breakfast and did not have time to eat until dinner.

3. Carry more business cards than you think you will need.

4. Have fun.  If it is getting to serious that is not what you signed up for and you might as well go back to work.

5. Make time for yourself and it is ok to have a social life.  As a Type-A personality I have a tendency to work all the time and that is probably not the best way to go.

Enjoy today’s photos.

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