Welcome to the new Doon Art

Last year I started down the road less traveled which has been very rewarding even though I have gotten lost a couple of times and of course there are the thorn bushes.  During December I always look back on my past year and decide what  to keep (be it items, people, habits, etc.) and what I should not take into another year.  I have decided for 2011 to be even more of who I really am.  I have a spiritual set of principals and beliefs that I try to live by but have keep hidden from others, for the most part.  Since starting on the less traveled road it does not matter what others think like it use to.

My dilemma has been how to combine my spiritual beliefs with my art & blog.  My answer was to focus on and share what I find to be inspirational. So the new Doon Art will share art works, posts, sites, & other interests that  inspire, motivate & uplift me and hopefully you too.

To start off the new Doon here are a few of my new art works. Enjoy (I had to keep that).

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