Happy New Year or Happy New You

Welcome to 2011.  I love the start of a new year. I am excited about the idea of new beginnings, fresh starts and the opportunity to be who you want and to have what I want how I want it.  I think that’s why so many of us make resolutions.  In this day & age where instant gratification is king, 365 days is a long time for many of us to stick to anything, let alone a new concept that may not come naturally or easily at first.

Instead of resolutions, for the past few years I have gone with a word or phrase to be my guiding principal for that year.  For example, “Say yes to new experiences” was a really fun year.

“Stay Positive” is my over riding theme for this year.  I believe that like attracts like and  I also believe that our thoughts attract and ultimately create our reality.   If I pray for one thing but my mind is thinking about something else, whatever is held in my mind is what I will receive.  For example if I want a beautiful home I should not think of the slums to go and look for it.  This year I will stop limiting my beliefs, stop not believing I can have what I want, stop worrying about what others will say or think and so on.

Yes this means that I will have to work on releasing my old outdated methods,  work on my acceptance principals, be open to receiving, vigilantly monitor my internal thoughts many to be replaced by dynamic affirmations (that I will create). By choosing to increasingly use positive thoughts as my basis for everything I do this year which will lead to increased awareness and use of the laws of attraction and I am looking forward to more prosperous year than I have ever had.

I will keep you up-to-date with what I am doing to accomplish this and my progress.

Happy New Year


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