I sold a picture at the Hatch Grand Opening

The Hatch Grand Opening went very well I would even say it was fantastic.  I think there was a good turn-out and the cash register (a figure of speech) seemed to be constantly ringing, a number of my friends dropped by and of course the highlight of my evening was when one of my pictures was purchased.                                                                                             NOTE: Do not were new boots when you are going to be standing for a few hours.

The first photo is me next to my artwork. (I know. I said that I would rarely post my photo.  Alas…) The next photo is of the gallery owner, Tammy, taking my picture off the wall to sell and  the last are crowd photos.

What a good feeling it is to know that at this moment someone is enjoying my art work. If you enjoy making other people happy (and want to avoid the malls this season) don’t fight the feeling just click on my Etsy link and spread the joy.

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