How to support your local artist

First an announcement, I am changing Tuesday to Thursday and vice-versa.  Guest artists that appear on Tuesday need to notified on Saturday and that does not always happen, so starting this week Tuesday is anything goes day and Thursday will be a Feature Artist day.

I have come to realize that ordinarily caring loving people do not always know how to show support to an artist.  I have wanted to share my thoughts on this topic for awhile now, so here goes. Hold on a minute and let me get my soapbox out.  First,  you do not always have to spend money to show an artist your support.

I think artists are  bi-creatives (a term I have coined) meaning a cross between people with low-self esteem and ego-manics. Ego manics because we usually love our own works and think everyone should feel and understand our work the way we do.  Low self-esteemers when we do not get enough compliments, praise, sales, attention and so on.

So what can you do: 1. Praise/compliment your artist and their works   2. attend their artist openings   3. leave comments on their blogs, Facebooks, etc.   4. Share information about your artist on your blog, Facebook, Twitter and so on (This one a pet peeve of mine, many of you will share a joke but when someone is devoting a significant amount of their life to an ideal why can’t you share that?)  and 6. If at all possible buy something.  Yes there is a posted price but most artists will bargain even make a fair trade.

Here’s my way of showing support, I recently attended a community art gathering that included my friend Dawn Johnson’s blown glass works.  Yes, this is the second time I am displaying her works but after going I realized she had many more works than displayed on her website.


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