You would think my art has never hung in a gallery

If from the way I am acting you think my art has never hung in a gallery before you would be right.  On my Friday’s Facebook post I indicated that it was all I could do to not be waiting for the doors to open …. so I filled my time trying to stretch out running errands (for example I worked out and I can’t believe how quickly my oil changed, etc.) for a few hours before I went by Hatch.  However, Tammy the owner said that there were 3 or 4 people waiting for her when she arrived.

So now without further ado today’s photos are all about Hatch.  The photo at the top of the page I took while standing in the middle of the straight and I only stopped traffic for a minute.  Next, of course, is a photo of my art work display.

The look, the feel, the variety of artworks and prices are all I could wish for and more for my first experience.  Trust me there is something here for everyone.   Enjoy

UPDATE: Apparently traffic & sales were good over the weekend.

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