Welcome to Madison’s Hatch Art House

Exciting news…a cool, new “art gallery” is coming to Madison this week. The Hatch Art House goal will be to showcase the local Wisconsin talent in the fine art, craft and design DIY movement, with an emphasis on reusing, recycling and upcycling. Etsy’s own  Tulah (and gallery owner) says that this city needs a less “stuffy” atmosphere, something more laid-back, funky, quirky… a place where YOU want to shop! Hatch Art House (or “Hatch” for short) will be that gallery.

Hatch will display a wide variety of artwork at a broad range of prices, offering something for everyone. The number of artists will routinely vary and every month Hatch will host an art opening highlighting a featured artist. It’s sure to be a vibrant space, full of fun, beautiful and unique hand-crafted items and fine art.

Here is the other exciting news I have been honored to be one of Hatch’s first artists. Today’s photos show some of my artwork that I am packing up and will be dropping off TODAY.

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