Ain’t no biz like GIRLS BIZ

Madison’s GIRLS’BIZ provides girls in the 6th, 7th and 8th grades the opportunity to develop and run their own business. The girls learn about business, meet women business owners, develop a product line, work with a designer on their logo and company name, and present their products to the National Association of Women Business Owners – Greater Madison Chapter (NAWBO-Madison). Next they market and sell their product and keep track of the expenses (and Profits!).  GIRLS’ BIZ includes team-building activities, an overnight trip, and product sales at the Madison’s Women’s Expo and other venues.

I caught up with the girls last Tuesday at the Tempo Holiday Bazaar where they were selling their products for they year including: holiday ornaments & Ambrosia chocolate, Global Mamas handmade bags, and 3 types of organic Potter’s Crackers.

You can find them this weekend at Madison’s Woman’s Expo.   You go girls

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