Sweet Gratitude

On this Thursday — Anything Goes Day — I am featuring a fabulous guest writer, my sister Kelli.  I write but she is truly the family Writer.  I asked here to write something on gratitude in honor of Thanksgiving and what she has provided for us will touch your heart.  Leave a comment and tell us what you think.

As I sat on the top of the picnic table, the sun bathed my face.  Even amongst the November chill, the warmth visited my soul.  Any thought that I perceived as imperfect, in that moment, melted away like butter.  I wanted to kidnap that moment and hold it hostage in my heart forever!

As the trees bowed to the gentle breeze to acknowledge Spirit, I too realized that Forever is Now! Right then, my heart opened to the idea of forever now, and right there, I met Gratitude.

Sweet Gratitude! Gratitude embraced me as it danced through my heart like a slow grind back in the days of blue light in the basement dances.

It was slow – It was mellow – It felt real good.

I knew this was God ever present and not God somewhere over the rainbow.  I knew this was Love – Literally Open for a Valuable Experience.

With the comfort Gratitude brought to my heart, I appreciated Gratitude was no longer a stranger I hurriedly passed on the street. Like the ones you pass when you ask, who are they, that you are notThey had been properly introduced to Gratitude – and now, it was forever mine! Gratitude really knew me, even though I carelessly failed to remember who it was until now.

How gracious God is to continually knock us upside the head to get our attention!  I knew if I continued to KNOW Gratitude, instead of NO Gratitude, what a glorious blessing that would be!

For this knowing, I was sooooo Grateful!!!!  Yes!!!! GREAT IS FULL!!! Full of Love, Joy, Peace, Abundance, Wholeness – All the relatives of Gratitude – All of where God is!!!  In the excitement of my reality, the Truth became evident: GREAT + ATTITUDE = GRATITUDE!!!!!

Peace and Many Unexpected Blessings,                                                                                   Kelli McCray

5 thoughts on “Sweet Gratitude”

  1. Thank you so much for the blessing of your words. From the slow grind in the basement to the Love – Literally Open for a Valuable Experience.

    I am smiling and it feels good….
    Terry Beale

  2. To my beautiful sister, I love you so much! Thank you for believing in me and being my wind beneath my wings….your work on this site is so inspirational and will touch many lives. ok, enuf mush….as Betty would say…who are we not to be gorgeous, fabulous and talented, lol …..Hugs and much luv muah!!!!!
    *for those that don’t know, Betty is our mother, thank you Mommy, muah!!!!!

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