What’s on the road less traveled

We often hear the term “taking the road less traveled”, well WHAT IS ON THIS ROAD?

I feel qualified to give input on this subject as I recently not only took this road, but I ran full speed down this road with joy and abandon.   I have not regreted a moment of my current journey and I can no longer see myself taking a normal, everyday road again. Most of the time this road is filled with the most beautiful & unique sites, sounds and experiences. The journey offers unimaginable joy and many exciting and unexpected opportunities.

I often wonder way more people are not traveling on these roads.  Perhaps it is true, people are afraid of the unknown.  There is no GPS, no maps, no signposts and sometime there is not even a clear path let alone a road.  During these times I rely on my faith and my belief in myself to traverse my way to the next clearing. No, is not always an easy path but it always a rewarding one.


Here is an example of one of the wonders I have found on my path.  I have been asked to contribute artwork to a new gallery–Hatch Art House–opening here in Madison this December.

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