What’s Hot? The Kitchen Gallery

You can fulfill all of your kitchen needs, wants, and/or wishes at Madison’s own Kitchen Gallery.    You will find aprons, bakeware, cookware, cutlery, glassware, tabletop, tea kettles, wooden spoons and so much more.  The owners have a keen eye for detail, color and finding items that will compliment any modern traditional home.  The bottom line is you  can never have to many kitchen tools.

I also feel in love with the store’s greeter, Milo.  The most friendly dog with gorgeous eyes.

2 thoughts on “What’s Hot? The Kitchen Gallery”

  1. Woof! Pretty fine photos here! My right side profile is definitely my best….two thank you woofs for taking note. Wait, my human wants me to add something…what a pest he can be! He is using words that are too big for me, gratidude? grayshus? absewlootly gorjush? Sorry. I’m just going to leave it that he’s smiling and still staring at your website likes its a fresh ham bone! “Calm down human. Here, scatch my butt.” That always calms him down. Woof Woof! – Milo

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