Focus on what you want

I have been out of town since Sunday, arriving home Wednesday afternoon (marvelous trip that I hope I can share with you one day).  I thought I was so organized. I am learning that things are different when you have your own business meaning I am behind.  Meaning this will be a short but hopefully inspirational post.

Focus on what you want.  Where you place your focus is what you will attract into your life. If this is indeed the case then it means to give up dwelling on  what you do not have or what others have.  You may even have to change some old behaviors to receive new results. I have been consciously practicing this (using focus, affirmations, prayer and belief) for the past few months and it has really been working for me.

Leave me a message to let me know what you think?                                                                               Enjoy your weekend, Donna

Today’s pictures are about joy & happiness.

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