Art at the car wash OR I find art in the most unusual places

Ever since completing my 14-day challenge it seems like my brain has been rewired and I have begun to see what could  be art in so many more things than I used to.  To prove this point to myself  I challenged myself, a couple of times to find the beauty/art in something unusual. The following photographs are my results:

The first one easy was easy to spot. I took a photograph of a shadow (on the ground) of a beautiful sheared  & shaped plant at “The Garden”.


Next, my first challenge was at the car wash (Now I can write this wash off of my taxes, life is grand).  I was waiting for my turn to pull in and begin the washing process. I notice the electronic sign, which on this day is not working.  However, the icon for the car wash is spinning around and creating a design on the sign.


My next challenge is at the grocery store and of course I told my self that food and/or flowers would be to easy.  Here is a photo of part of a wall-edited of course, the sparkle caught my eye.

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