Frank Sinatra & Bloging

Blogging is new to me.  I only started blogging because it is one of the tasks that a successful artist is supposed to do.  What I have found out is that I really enjoy blogging.  Earlier this week I was taking location photographs, when I overheard someone call me a “Blogger” and I thought “Cool I’m a blogger”.   Even though I have been doing this for a few months I had not thought of myself as a blogger.

I am still determining what the look & feel of the Doon Art blog should be like.  I think Frank Sinatra said it best, “I’ve got to be me”.  I thought it would be easier to feature the work of others and not have to worry about what to write, but the past couple of weeks I feel like I have given up to much of me.  So starting next week I will have only one day for feature artists and one day for local locations.  Also, next week I have a give-a-way planned, starting Monday.

Today’s pictures are behind the scenes of my new look, it started with an original artwork, which I took a picture of and edited & cropped. From this I made labels, …. and so on. Next I needed something to leave with my prospective business owners when requesting a post.  This project had a limited budget (none) so I used one of my pictures made it black & white, added text and a business card.

Enjoy your weekend

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