Cut hair or buy tee-shirt? hmm

Today’s feature artist was selected because I love her work and to keep me from doing something crazy.  You know how women are when there is a major event or we want change in our lives we change our hair.  Well I have been toying with the idea of shaving at least one side of the hair on my head. In my dreams I would shave both sides & leave it long everywhere else, like Mel B, from the Spice Girls.  I even asked my daughter and granddaughter to follow suit.  You know, family solidarity.

No I have never done anything this dramatic before.  But shouldn’t one look like an artist. …. well I came to my senses and decided that it might not go over well with my home staging business.

So my compromise is get beautiful and noticeable clothes.  Today’s featured artist jessalinb fit’s that need.  I am sure those of you not considering a major hair change will also love these items.

PS I love her art also.


for the mister

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