Why Didn’t I Get What I Asked For?

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Have you ever really, REALLY wanted something? … you wished, vision boarded, focused your intention on it, used affirmations and you pray knowing that all things are possible for God. .. but for what ever reason, it just didn’t happen.  Sometimes God says “no” to our most heartfelt requests. Have you discovered this to be true in your own life? I certainly have. When I had no job, no money and everything was overdue .  When my husband was diagnosed with cancer. 

Perhaps you think that God is just not listening? The way I understand it God’s ears are always attentive to His children’s prayers. Perhaps the times we think God isn’t listening to our prayers are the times we may not be getting the answer we think we should. Or perhaps, we think God is not listening because we’re being taught nowadays that a good God cannot say “NO” to our precocious prayer requests. 

We often think we know what is best for us.     Continue reading

10 Things HAPPY People Do

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You probably know people who always seem happy. They greet the day with a smile on their face. They see the bright side of any situation. They believe that people are inherently good.

I have struggled with depression and anxiety and have had a hard time learning to be optimistic and happy. I looked at other people and wondered how they did it. How could they be happy, with seemingly no effort whatsoever? I thought they must have had perfect lives–so unlike mine. How could I possibly be happy when all these things kept happening to me?

Later I learned that being happy takes work, but the work is worth it. I also learned that positive thinking doesn’t mean you’ll have endless cheer or optimism, but rather that you’ve shifted your behavior and your perspective.

Happiness research has become a popular area of psychology in the last 20 years, and today positive psychology is among the most popular classes at Harvard University. Experts agree that there are several things happy people have in common. These aren’t inherent traits that you were either born with or not. They are habits that you can begin to integrate into your life. 

Here are 10 of the over 50 habits of happy people, gleaned from experts and experience.

  1. Exercise

2.    Believe they can be happy

3.    Happy people are grateful

4.     Believe in themselves

5.     Watch less television.

6.     They are optimistic

7.     Don’t sweat the small stuff

8.     Never stop learning

9.      Live in the present

10.    Say nice things about other people



5 Things to Stop Expecting from Other People


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People rarely behave exactly the way you want them to.  Hope for the best, but expect less.

1.   Stop expecting others to agree with you.

2.   Stop expecting that they will change quickly

3.   Stop expecting others to know what you are thinking.

4.   Stop expecting others to need and like you.

5.   Stop expecting them to fit your idea of who they are.

From http://www.marcandangel.com/2013/09/29/7-things-you-should-stop-expecting-from-others/


Letting Go Of Fear & Getting On With Life

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Recently, I have been dealing with some fear issues.  Issues that were hindering me from accomplishing my goals (one being lack of funds).  Ordinarily, I try to work through issues by myself, but this was beyond what I could handle.  I explained my situation to a good friend, hoping he would just give me money.  Instead he gave me one of the best motivational speeches.

He gave my own words and beliefs back to me, in his own way.  Something clicked inside of me and realized that is was ok to have fear, just don’t let it stop you.  Within 2 or 3 hours of his speech I was back at it again.  Not only did money begin arriving from different sources, but a couple of new opportunities also seemingly feel in my lap.   I texted my friend later that day and said, “Thank you for not giving me any money because his words were far more valuable.”

Today’s photo is one of my opportunities that popped up.  Here I am this morning on WORT 89.9 radio, with my friend Aaron Perry.

I can not tell you enough how much I enjoy being on the radio, so for me this was fantastic.  Now, one of my new goals is to have my own radio show.


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